Moving & Getting Mobile – Minimalist Tips

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Moving & Getting Mobile – Minimalist Tips

Are you looking to move or be mobile? Here are some minimalist tips to help you out…

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to MOVING HACKS || … I’M MOVING!!!

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to MOVING HACKS || … I’M MOVING!!!


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TOP 10 MOVING TIPS | soothingsista

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TOP 10 MOVING TIPS | soothingsista

Hey everyone! I’ve moved quite a few times in the last few years and while unpacking this time around I realized I really did it right this time! I compiled a few of my packing and moving tips and tricks for you in this video. I hope you find it useful for your future moving adventures! Good luck!

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Moving Help in NYC

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When you relocate, you will require a relocating truck or storage container for transferring your valuables. This requires you to pack your items and to load and unload your rental truck. In this issue, you must take into consideration working with the smaller moving labor companies to handle the actual hard work of loading a truck, packing your boxes, fragile items, disassembled your furniture and making sure your truck rental is properly loading for your transport.

When you want to hire the movers to do the job for you, you should always be prepared and know what you want. You need to make them understand what they need to do and why if anything seems out of the normal to you. Not all of these companies are as experienced as professional moving companies. In this issue, you only require moving labor services only.

The next everything that you must do is schedule your rental truck, set up starting time with your movinghelp company and make sure you are prepared when moving day comes.

Before leaving the truck rental location please recognize the dimensions of the vehicle and any moving equipment or supplies they have rented or sold you.

Keep in mind the traffic of New York City and also the parking situation in our beloved NYC. It is a nightmare, to say the least, and when you have to part a truck of any size it gets really difficult. Steven R. from 5 Stars Movers a Moving Helper moving company in NYC quotes; “Oh yea, the most difficult part of our job is trying to get the customers trucks as close to their new apartment or condo. NYC traffic makes it difficult for us to keep customers happy all of the time because aa lot of them have never been to New York before so they are completely BLOWN away!”

Need a Moving Helper NYC remember to reserve early.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Moving Out of Your Parents’ Home

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It’s an exciting prospect when you finally are able to move out of your parent’s home into a place of your own. You have a sense of a new identity as you embark on an exciting new future. But whilst the excitement might be uppermost in your mind, there are plenty of practical things, apart from booking your furniture removal, that you need to do to make sure the move is as smooth as possible.

The last thing you want to happen is to have to deal with a crisis the day you move in to your new place and have to go running back home for help!
It’s not difficult, but there are some details you should take care of to make the transition as smooth as possible.
So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the list of essential points.

Make sure you have enough cash. It goes without saying that the most essential part of being independent is having enough cash to support yourself. Do a budget and make sure you take into account all of the things you will need to pay for. There are plenty of websites you can use to develop an accurate budget but the best advice is to be honest with yourself and make sure you have enough cash for every contingency, and always keep at least 10% of your monthly expenses aside in an emergency fund.

Plan your living space. Assuming you have your own furniture, make sure you have an accurate floor plan so you can plan the placement of all your furniture and personal items. This takes the trouble out of moving day and will ensure that you settle in as quickly and easily as possible.

Another important matter to address is the type of lease you sign for your new premises. Make sure the term of the lease suits your individual circumstances for example, signing up for a three-year lease on a property might sound good at the start but if you change your mind during the lease term there could be some difficulties in giving up the lease. If you are uncertain about this it could be a good idea to opt for a short term with an option to renew.

Make sure you put aside enough cash to stock your larder. When you move into new premises it is quite likely there will be nothing for you to eat. You will need to do a major shop to stock your pantry so you have adequate supplies of everything you need, including all the essentials like salt, pepper and sugar etc. You should add at least an extra hundred dollars to your budget to take care of this.
Get extra keys cut for your new premises. It’s a good idea to hand out spare keys to your family and some friends so that, in the event of you’re losing your keys, you will have an easy backup.

These steps are even more important if you are moving interstate and have to use interstate removalists to do the job. Be sure to book far enough in advance and get some specialist assistance from the removalist.

Find the best removalist for your needs in one place. Compare quotes and services for removal services within Australia & Overseas for free. For more information or to get a quote, visit Removalists.

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How to find the right mover in 2016

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In 2016 it is now easier to find the right movers by taken the time and going online to look at reviews, customer testimonials, yelp pages and other citations sites. You should also look at their twitter pages, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Always check Yelp but do not be fooled or persuaded to quickly. Always take time to read over a few reviews and also check the unfiltered reviews as well as you can usually find a lot of golden gems on the company down in the section of the review page on moving companies on yelp.

When moving long distance it is really important to take your time and also research that the company is 100% legal to operate intra and interstate. Also make sure that they are registered and have operational status along with an active DOT number, MC#, ICC# and any other local state licenses needed.

Also ask your friends, family, employer and coworkers. They have moved recently and surely can tell you who to avoid at the very least. This is valuable information in weeding out the companies you do not want to use. Local movers and local moving companies always are looking for word of mouth jobs. Long distance movers do not have as much luck in this department but always try to reach out to old customers to gain affiliate relationships with them,

I would make a post on Facebook asking my friends what movers they used last time they relocated, this way you can get a nice engaged post going on and hopefully your friends and family will chime in, you will be surprised how many people you know have moved recently or hired movers to move around some furniture or craigslist furniture pickups.

LinkedIn is an extremely resourceful place to find moving companies and moving company owners as well. Yu can find supervisors, managers and also see where an owner of a moving company worked before starting his business. This can be really helpful and lead to you encountering a company is the right fit or even a company you want to avoid at all costs as you used them when the owner was operating under a different company name. Doing your due diligence is very important and nowadays the internet has made that job very easy for us. The www or the world wide web has made the world very small and social media platforms have made us engaged so asking for help and reviews is the wave of marketing.

You can’t get what you don’t as for!

If you do not ask google, yelp, thumbtack, angieslist and others for the help and experienced reviews you need you are taking a shot in the dark and when moving your personal property and prized treasures that is not a good idea. it is 2016 so use the tools you have available to find the right movers.


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Moving Supplies: What Do You Need For The Moving?

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Moving Supplies: What Do You Need For The Moving?

It is very important when you move or relocate to pack all your goods properly so that they won’t be damaged in the process. Start from a packing list, write down everything you need, so when you go to the craft store, you will have everything sorted out and won’t forget anything. Packing is probably the only operation where you can cut down the moving cost, but you will increase the labor.
Where can you find packing supplies? Probably in every mall, or at a local moving retailer, or maybe you can purchase them online, this might be the best solution, you will compare the prices faster and everything will be delivered to your address. Some online companies only deal with larger suppliers, so before your order, make sure you fulfill all conditions of purchase.


If you want to save money, you can find boxes at the local grocery store, or at the liquor store. You should notice a store manager few weeks in advance, so he can prepare everything you need.

You can always track their next large shipment, and when they unload all the goods, you can take the boxes. Keep in mind that retail boxes carry some risk, because they are large and it will be more difficult to secure everything inside them.

There is another way to save money, you can buy complete moving and packing kits, they can be purchased separately for every room or for the whole house. You can always make your moving kit to save additional money.
Specialty boxes can be really handy and they are available for purchase. Smaller and artwork boxes are stronger and they are designed to fit, in some cases you might be able to buy frame protectors. They will help you to secure corners of the boxes and you will be able to prevent any type of damage while moving. If you purchase corrugated cardboard, you will protect glass surfaces and keep items intact and separated.

There are also special packing supplies, such as, guitar, lamp, crib and mattress boxes and they are all available online, but for the most people they are not necessary. Another thing that might interest you are file boxes, if you just place all your papers in one box, you will need days to sort everything out. File boxes are a simple way to have your documents organized and sealed.

Additional supplies may seem as an accessorize and most people list them as nice to have. For example, why should you buy a box cutter when you can use plain scissors, or why to print labels when you can use markers. But, the more organized you are, the faster you will complete the packing and you won’t stress too much. Markers and scissors can easily disappear in all that mess, or simply, your children may take it school, if some project is due.

If you buy these supplies only for moving purpose, place them so they can be reachable and when you finish put them off, you never know when you will need them again.

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