5 simple tricks to help you stay focused while packing

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5 simple tricks to help you stay focused while packing

5 simple tricks to help you stay focused while packing

There’s no doubt that when moving out, packing is the most important task you’ll need to take care of before Moving day knocks on your door. All of your personal items will have to be adequately protected and properly packed up to survive the haul between the two homes.

Choosing not to pay for professional packing services can prove to be a great move because it’ll help you save money – something that’s especially critical when you’re moving on a tight budget. Yes, packing by yourself can be a smart move under specific circumstances… but there’s always the risk of you not finishing the packing job on time.

And one of the major reasons for falling behind a packing schedule is the lack of focus and concentration while packing for a move. But you don’t have to make that common packing mistake, do you?

Here are 5 tricks to help you keep your focus while packing for a move:

1. Follow a packing calendar

One great way to keep your packing focus is to follow a good packing checklist that will guide you gradually from one task to another without any waste of precious time. Considering that packing is the most time-consuming pre-move task of them all, you just can’t afford to sit around, partly confused, not knowing what to pack next, or which room to pack next for that matter.

A packing schedule will help you shift your focus onto the next packing job, thus eliminating potential stressful situations of you not being ready when the movers show up on the day of the move. Now, with a clear packing checklist, you’ll be able to focus on what it is that you need to do – packing your books, shoes, clothes, and even some of your furniture pieces.

While you’re packing for a move, careful planning is the key to having a smooth house move – start packing your things really early in your preparations and follow a detailed packing timeline to stay concentrated and focused until the job is finished.

It’s fairly easy to lose your packing concentration when you have no idea which rooms and items to start packing next.

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2. Have the packing materials by your side

One of the best tips for staying focused when packing for a move is to have all the required packing supplies by your side before you start wrapping up and boxing up your things.

Now, while it may be next to impossible to know the exact quantity of the packing materials way before the packing task is finished, you should at least have enough

  • cardboard boxes,
  • packing paper,
  • bubble wrap, and
  • packing tape

to start the process without having to go and get more supplies too often.

Follow the link below to learn how many moving boxes you will need depending on the number of rooms and the square footage of the place you’re moving out of. Of course, the number of people living under the same roof and the number of years spent there will also influence the average calculation of cardboard boxes needed to get the packing job done.

Oftentimes, to stay focused while packing is all about not interrupting the long process too many times to do other things you should have taken care of beforehand, such as to go looking for more packing materials.

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3. Set mini packing goals

It can relatively easy to lose your focus and get demotivated when you’re faced with the overwhelming task of packing up your entire home for a move. It’s an arduous job that usually gets stretched out for many days, often weeks, and your mind may have trouble accepting the house packing challenge.

A great way to trick your mind into believing that packing for a move is easier than it really is is to break the entire process into much smaller mini projects. For example, a good tactic is to use the room-by-room approach by focusing your entire packing attention on only one room at a time.

And the best part of your room-by-room packing technique is that you can go a step further and set mini packing goals within that same room. For instance, you can start with the mini goal of packing up your books from the living room, and when you’re done, you can move to the next mini packing goal – packing the various pieces of electronic equipment found in there.

Complete one mini job and then move to the next one from your packing checklist – that’s how you’ll manage to stay focused while packing for a move.

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4. Say NO to time-wasting distractions

Packing an entire home for a move takes forever, and you may need to speed up your packing tempo in order to pack your last boxes before your movers show up. With only a few days before the move-out day, you may find out that you’re massively behind the packing schedule and need to make up for the lost time. And how exactly do you do that? By being 100% focused while packing, of course.

Distractions while packing can cause you to lose your focus, and thus slow down your packing momentum. It’s fine to play some energetic music in the background to set the packing tempo and make the entire process more pleasant.

However, numerous neighbors coming over to see how you’re doing, frequent phones calls that can wait, and having to look at the TV screen constantly to keep up with your favorite TV show will decrease the overall packing efficiency by destroying the last remnants of concentration that you have in you.

Make an effort to stay focused when packing for a move by eliminating all major distractions from your work. Yes, packing is rather boring and sometimes minor distractions can be kind of welcome… but that can only be true when you’ve started packing really early and now have the luxury of enough breathing space until Moving day.

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5. Promise yourself a reward of some kind

Another proven trick to stay focused while packing and finish that super-important task as quickly as possible is to promise yourself either smaller rewards after completing each mini packing goal you’ve set in advance, or a big reward after packing up all of your things in a timely manner, definitely before the morning of the Big day.

Obviously, staying focused when packing for a move should be easier when you know that there’s a reward of some sort for the increased efficiency on your part. You may choose to go out a catch a movie with your friends after packing up the kitchen of your soon-to-be old home.

Or you can buy yourself that wristwatch you’ve wanted for some time after sealing and labeling the last moving box – a self-gift you deserve after spending so many days wrapping, boxing and labeling a myriad of cardboard containers.

Ultimately, you’ll have this gratifying win-win situation no matter what you choose to gift yourself as an additional incentive to maintain your focus and concentration and finish packing faster.

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