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Should You Ask Friends to Help You Move?

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Should You Ask Friends to Help You Move?

Should You Ask Friends to Help You Move?

Asking friends to help you move: yea or nay?

After moving more than a million people over the past 20+ years, we’ve discovered that one of the most important things you’ll have to figure out ahead of time is how to get everything done. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer on a tight budget, you may consider asking friends to help out instead of hiring labor. But if you’re more concerned about things being packed and loaded professionally so that they travel safely, you may consider getting professionals to help you out. 

Friends help a couple move boxes into a new home on moving day.

Why getting friends to help is a great idea 

Not only do friends enrich our lives, they can also be a big help on moving day. Here are some good reasons to ask your friends to help you move:

It’s the most affordable option

Depending on how much you’re moving, hiring labor for packing and loading can get pricey. If your budget is tight, getting friends and family to help cuts those costs completely. 

You can get as much help as you want

If you’re moving a house full of heavy, bulky furniture, you may want to recruit your entire friend group, but if you’re just moving boxes and light furniture, a couple of friends for a few hours might do it. Either way, it’s a great option when you’re not sure how much help you’ll need. With hired labor, you’ll typically get a minimum number of movers for a minimum amount of time (based on your home size and what you need done), then pay by the hour. 

Friends may be willing to help longer 

If you’ve moved before, you know things don’t always go as planned on moving day. Asking your friends to help you move gives a little extra flexibility. They’re not on the clock, so technically they can work for as long as they’re willing to stick around. 

You get extra time with your people 

They say hard work brings people together, and there’s not much that’s harder than moving an entire house.  You may be surprised how much you can accomplish with pizza, drinks and your closest (helpful) friends! 

Reasons you may want to rethink getting help from friends

While friends are a great resource, there are definitely things to consider before enlisting their help for a move — especially if you’re moving across the country (because packing for a long-distance move is much more involved than a move down the street). 

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

How your belongings are packed matters

If you have fragile, heavy or breakable items, they need to be packed properly to avoid damage. Are your friends aware of best practices? 

There’s a proper way to carry and load items 

Have you ever heard “load high and tight”? Properly loading boxes and furniture into the moving truck can be a challenge. It may involve hauling things like heavy furniture down narrow hallways or carrying bigger, bulkier belongings up or down a flight of stairs. Do your friends know the best way to load into the moving truck or container to keep things intact in transit, and are they aware of the proper way to lift and carry heavy items to avoid injury? 

You’re relying on their schedules

When you hire moving help, you’re scheduling them for a specific day and a window of time during that day. And you have an agreement that says they’ll be there. If there’s any chance your friends could be a no-show on moving day, and you can’t get the job done without help, you may want to have a back-up plan. 

If it’s all work and no fun 

Is the time you have to spend with your friends winding down? If so, you may not want to spend it working.

Hiring Experienced Moving Labor

If you’ve decided that the condition of your belongings when they’re delivered to the destination is more important than sticking to a budget, you may want to go the route of hiring experienced moving labor — for just the big stuff or for everything. With their knowledge of proper packing and loading techniques combined with an expertise in moving household goods, you’ll know everything is safe and secure in transit. 

Helpful Tips If Your Friends Help You Move

If budget is the deciding factor, then getting your friends to help you move is the way to go. Here’s are some things you can do to help the day go smoothly:

Plan, plan, plan

Once you know who all is helping, plan and delegate jobs ahead of time. This will alleviate people standing around wondering what to work on next. Get someone to pack, someone to clean, etc. 

Make sure they know packing and loading best practices

They may not be experts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack and load like the experts. Send them our helpful packing tips and loading tips ahead of time to make sure they know the best way to do it all. 

Give them plenty of notice

You can be respectful of people’s time, by selecting the date and giving your friends as much advance notice as possible. And if you can swing it, set up the time for the weekend when more people are off work. 

Buy lunch

The way to your friends’ hearts might just be through their stomachs. If you’re getting (free) help, it’s always good practice to provide food and plenty of cold water. Easy to eat things like pizza, burgers or sandwiches work best. 

Make it fun

Moving doesn’t have to be an “all work, no play” situation. After all, the advantage of having your friends help out is that you’re spending time with them in the process. Put on a fun playlist or have your favorite movie on in the background. 

Find creative ways to show your thanks 

Whether you do a personalized gift basket with their favorite treats, gift cards to their favorite restaurant or take everyone out for a fun evening on the town, a thoughtful gesture will go a long way. 

Choose U-Pack for your move

The beauty of moving with U-Pack® is that you can customize a move fit your needs — even when it comes to packing and loading help. So whether you’ve decided that a true DIY move with just you and your friends handling everything is the best route, you need help only with loading the big stuff, or you want moving labor to do it all, U-Pack has you covered. Get a free quote online, or call 800-413-4799 to talk to a moving specialist. 

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Moving all my geckos, skinks, frogs, tarantulas scorpions and isopods to Vancouver!


My camera:

My Gear:

Light ring:

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Throughout Summer 2019, Move Matcher and Reside Living, a Chicago, IL-based property management firm launched a partnership that has resulted in smoother, simpler moving experiences for Reside Living residents. Move Matcher instantly connects consumers with quotes, ratings and reviews so they can quickly and intelligently book movers. The Move Matcher Property Partner program extends this service directly to residents of property management firms. 

Reside manages more than 2,800 units in the Chicagoland area and has 41 market-rate properties throughout Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Logan Square, Wicker Park, and West Loop, among other popular Chicago neighborhoods. They’re also serviced by top-rated Chicago movers on the Move Matcher platform, including Reebie Moving & Storage, Wolley Movers, New City Moving and Coffey Bros. Moving

reside living employees
(from left to right) Move Matcher Corporate Accounts Manager, Mary Ann Gerards; Reside Property Manager, Nicole Richardson; Reside Leasing Agent, Keegan Greene; Reside Director of Concierge Services, Li Feng

Through the Move Matcher partnership, Reside Living residents can now research and book the city’s most trusted movers efficiently. This is one more differentiating perk for residents in addition to Reside’s concierge services which books events, secures restaurant reservations, purchases concert tickets and accesses Chicago’s best entertainment experiences on behalf of residents. The firm also enriches residents’ health and fitness by offering intramural sports, yoga, and a cryobar. 

Reside’s Director of Concierge Services, Li Feng recently coordinated introduction sessions for Reside leasing staff to learn about the perks of sharing Moving Matcher with residents. “Move Matcher has been a game-changer for my concierges and their residents. We no longer have to rely on recommending just one moving company and instead can give our residents a useful resource for researching all of their moving company options instantly in one place,” Director of Concierge Services Li Feng said. “I trust Move Matcher’s results so much that I used the site recently to get moving quotes and book a mover for my own move.”

“We’re extremely excited to continue our partnership with such a great property management firm, like Reside Living,” Property Partner Representative Olga Serna said. “Reside has been enthusiastic about Move Matcher from the beginning, and we hope that excitement continues for many years to come.”

reside living two employees with move matcher employee
(from left to right) Reside Leasing Manager, Kyle Silver; Reside Director of Concierge Services Li Feng; Move Matcher Property Partner Team Lead, Olga Serna

Move Matcher currently works with four Chicagoland property management firms plus more than 70 individual properties across Greater Chicago and is quickly expanding across the nation. The partnership with Reside Living is an example of how useful the Move Matcher service can be for properties and their residents. Move Matcher saves residents time and money during one of the most stressful times of their lives. Move Matcher has personally branded, as we do for all of our Property Partners, a customized, white-label Reside Living landing page for all Reside residents to utilize when getting moving quotes. Residents of Reside can get a quote, book a mover, find ratings, and use reviews all in one place with their new landing page.

About Move Matcher

Founded in 2016, Move Matcher was created for people looking to compare trustworthy moving companies using moving company availability, price estimates, ratings, and web reviews. Move Matcher’s trusted Mover Network is comprised of reliable moving companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded. Moving companies list with Move Matcher to receive high-quality leads that result in more booked opportunities. Move Matcher is currently available nationwide, but notably in major markets such as Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and Houston. 

For more information or to sign up for the Property Partner Program, visit

About Reside Living

Reside is committed to providing a memorable renting experience in neighborhoods across Chicago. They promise to redefine every aspect of your apartment living to make it the most pleasurable, enjoyable process you’ve ever had. Their cutting-edge technology provides seamless access from life to community with their events and athletic teams available to all residents. In addition to Reside’s commitment to the health of its residents, they’re also very environmentally conscious. Every one of their buildings implements a recycling program, and most are equipped with green spaces, such as the rooftop of The Belmont. Reside currently has properties in 12 of Chicago’s most popular areas and continues to expand across the city. 

For more information about Reside, visit

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Updater Expands Relationship with 5 Real Estate Brands

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Updater Expands Relationship with 5 Real Estate Brands

Updater Expands Relationship with 5 Real Estate Brands

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We’ve worked with a number of these brands throughout the years, originally launching a partnership with NRT Coldwell Banker in 2015. We’ve also been an active participant in Realogy FWD. Not only did we compete in the first-ever Realogy FWD Innovation Summit in 2012, but we were invited back in 2017 to share Updater’s successes in the industry, which include:

  • Received the endorsement and support of some of the largest organizations in the industry, including the National Association of REALTORS®.

  • Secured integrations with the most widely-used and respected technology platforms available, including Dash, BackAgent, zipLogix, SkySlope, Profit Power, DocuSign Transaction Room, Brokermint and AccountTECH.

  • Added key features and benefits for our movers and partners to make relocation more efficient for everyone.

  • We’ve partnered with many of NRT’s divisions, as well as thousands of real estate companies to deliver an innovative and seamless experience to the millions of Americans who move every year.

Thanks in part to the continued support of the real estate industry, Updater now processes nearly 25% of all moves in America.

Want to learn more about offering Updater at your brokerage?

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DIY | Must Have Moving Tips!

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DIY | Must Have Moving Tips!

DIY | Must Have Moving Tips!

Moving is really stressful, especially with a baby! Check out my top tips for moving preparation and organization 🙂 Subscribe for new vids every M-W-F

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