How to find the right mover in 2016

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In 2016 it is now easier to find the right movers by taken the time and going online to look at reviews, customer testimonials, yelp pages and other citations sites. You should also look at their twitter pages, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Always check Yelp but do not be fooled or persuaded to quickly. Always take time to read over a few reviews and also check the unfiltered reviews as well as you can usually find a lot of golden gems on the company down in the section of the review page on moving companies on yelp.

When moving long distance it is really important to take your time and also research that the company is 100% legal to operate intra and interstate. Also make sure that they are registered and have operational status along with an active DOT number, MC#, ICC# and any other local state licenses needed.

Also ask your friends, family, employer and coworkers. They have moved recently and surely can tell you who to avoid at the very least. This is valuable information in weeding out the companies you do not want to use. Local movers and local moving companies always are looking for word of mouth jobs. Long distance movers do not have as much luck in this department but always try to reach out to old customers to gain affiliate relationships with them,

I would make a post on Facebook asking my friends what movers they used last time they relocated, this way you can get a nice engaged post going on and hopefully your friends and family will chime in, you will be surprised how many people you know have moved recently or hired movers to move around some furniture or craigslist furniture pickups.

LinkedIn is an extremely resourceful place to find moving companies and moving company owners as well. Yu can find supervisors, managers and also see where an owner of a moving company worked before starting his business. This can be really helpful and lead to you encountering a company is the right fit or even a company you want to avoid at all costs as you used them when the owner was operating under a different company name. Doing your due diligence is very important and nowadays the internet has made that job very easy for us. The www or the world wide web has made the world very small and social media platforms have made us engaged so asking for help and reviews is the wave of marketing.

You can’t get what you don’t as for!

If you do not ask google, yelp, thumbtack, angieslist and others for the help and experienced reviews you need you are taking a shot in the dark and when moving your personal property and prized treasures that is not a good idea. it is 2016 so use the tools you have available to find the right movers.