How much does it cost to rent storage in New York?

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How much does it cost to rent storage in New York?

How much does it cost to rent storage in New York?

When going through a household move, chances are you will be overwhelmed with numerous questions. Whether you need a safe place where you can keep your items for a determined period of time while you’re away or you are downsizing to a place where your items cannot fit, renting a storage unit can be a viable option. There are so many possible scenarios, but when you are dealing with excess household belongings, one burning question will most certainly arise: How much does it cost to rent storage in New York?

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Get several estimates to get a sense of how much it will cost to rent storage in New York

Having some additional space for all your treasured belongings may seem ideal. However, it comes at an extra monthly cost. The prices may vary depending on location, size, and special features of the storage unit. As it turns out, in most cases, the cost of storage services can make or break a deal. Moving house can be a costly endeavor, and any kind of additional costs can burden your tiny budget.

If you have no experience in renting storage units in NYC, hopefully, you will find our guidelines helpful down the road.

Can I afford to rent a storage unit?

How much does it cost to rent storage in New York may be the first thing you will ask yourself when planning to rent one. Storage rental costs may vary from one company to another. To determine the average cost of storage services, it’s highly advisable to request several moving and storage estimates. No two storage companies are alike, and your overall experience will depend on the amount of relevant information you gather before you make the final call. Getting a good deal on storage services is usually a matter of meticulous research and thorough planning. Considering the number of cheap storage companies in NYC, you may find yourself wondering which one could be a good fit.

To get a sense of how much it will cost to rent storage in NYC, here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • size of the storage facility
  • location
  • climate control
  • security features
  • lease period

As soon as you decide which household belongings are worth storing, start researching storage companies. Needless to say, a recommendation from a friend is always the most valuable guideline. However, you can spot an excellent moving and storage company by reading online moving reviews. As a matter of fact, it’s a highly recommendable step considering the number of fraudulent companies looking around.

Efficient ways to reduce storage costs

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Get rid of everything you no longer need by donating, selling or recycling

No matter how you plan it, moving is always expensive. Although spending money on some activities that you really like may seem more appealing than investing in moving and storing, you should still plan your budget wisely. An excellent place to start is by sorting and trimming your items. As with any other life-changing event, some decisions are easier than others.

As people tend to develop a particular emotional attachment to their items, no wonder why they have trouble letting go when the time comes to move house. Deciding what to move and what to part with can be challenging, but also beneficial for your moving budget. Once you’ve made the list of the items you are not going to move, it’s time to figure out what to do with these pieces. Selling, donating, and recycling before moving are way better options than keeping unnecessary items that you will toss eventually.

Store only the things you are going to use at some point. Paying high storage fees for keeping unnecessary items makes no sense. So, be ruthless when decluttering to keep more money in your pocket.

  • Apply space-saving packing supplies as well as an enviable technique.
  • A long-term rental could be a more cost-effective solution than renting a storage unit for a couple of weeks or months.
  • By paying upfront, you may be able to obtain a discount from your cross country movers NYC.
  • Unless you have temperature-sensitive and valuable items, do not choose facilities with unique features.
  • Decide if you need an appropriate insurance plan depending on the type of items that will go to storage. Check if your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover your items while in storage.

How much will it cost to rent storage in New York City?

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Find storage services within your moving budget

Although there are storage units in different sizes, that doesn’t mean that you should just transfer your goods to it without making any adjustments.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, you’d better approach the task of finding the storage unit seriously. The larger the storage unit, the more cash you are going to invest. But, before you make the final decision, take a look at the average costs of storage units. How much it will cost to rent storage in New York largely depends on the size of the facility:

  • 5’X5’ storage monthly rates usually range from $35 to $85. As it can fit the contents of a closet, it could be a good place for storing off-season clothes, accessories, and small sports equipment.
  • 5’X10’ storage unit typically costs between $55 and $125 per month as it can be as large as a small room. Therefore, you can use it to keep your mattresses, dressers, and large sports equipment safe.
  • 10’X10’ units cost between $100 and $180, and it can accommodate up to two full bedrooms. It’s commonly used for storing large furniture pieces, appliances, small vehicles, and winter gear.
  • 10’X15’ storage units cost about $120 – $200 per month and are ideal for storing the contents of three full bedrooms – sofas, tables, beds.
  • 10’X20’ storage facilities may cost up to $300, and they could accommodate the contents of a small house or vehicles.
  • 10’X30’ units are commonly used for business purposes and for storing large furniture pieces, equipment, and vehicles.

Once you familiarize yourself with how much it will cost to rent storage in New York, you will be able to choose one according to your needs and budget.

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