How to pack to save space when moving

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How to pack to save space when moving

How to pack to save space when moving

When packing for a move, one of your major concerns will be the time it’ll take you to wrap up your items for safe transportation and box them properly into suitable moving boxes. Most of the time, TIME will be against you – especially when you take into account the fact that packing is the most time-consuming task during a house move.

That is why, you should make an effort to use a number of time-saving techniques to speed up your packing job – after all, you do want to make sure you’ve completed that important task prior to the move-out date.

Unfortunately, time will not be your only concern when you’re packing up the contents of your home. Another move-related issue that you’ll probably worry about is SPACE, and in particular – how to save space when packing for a move.

In the end, the more space you manage to save in each cardboard box, the more items you’ll be able to fit inside it, thus lowering your overall packing expenses simply because you’ll need fewer packing boxes.

And of course, fewer cardboard boxes to move will mean lower moving expenses too because 1) you won’t need to make more than one relocation journey with a rented moving truck, or 2) you may be able to share the moving truck space with another person’s belongings to share the moving expenses too (see shared load moving).

Here are some proven tips on how to pack to maximize space when moving house.

Declutter your items before packing

Without a doubt, the best way to pack and save space at the same time is to declutter your things beforehand. That’s a pretty obvious thing but you may still fail to do it due to the overwhelming number of things to think about during your pre-move preparation.

Don’t bother packing things you’ll never use after the move. Instead, inventory all your household items and sort them into 4 different categories: 1) things to pack and move with you, 2) things to sell, 3) things to give away or donate, and 4) things to recycle or throw away.

In other words, taking only the items you’ll need in the future is, by far, the best space-saving packing technique when moving to a new house.

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Leave lightweight items in drawers

Another good way to save space when packing for a move is to leave lightweight items (usually soft goods such as clothes and linens) in dresser drawers. Also, you can leave various small items in desk drawers. That simple trick will enable you to use the drawers as moving containers and save storage space in the cardboard boxes.

Use stretch wrap over the top open parts of the drawers to keep whatever is inside from shifting during transport. Then, use stretch wrap again around the outside of the furniture piece to keep the full drawers from opening in transit.

Remember to leave only lightweight and non-breakable things inside drawers to guarantee safety during the house move.

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Don’t stack your kitchen plates

How you arrange your things in the boxes will play a major role in how much space you manage to save when packing for a move.

For example, you should never stack kitchen plates horizontally in boxes. If you do, then they will be more prone to breakage and will take up much more useful space in the box. Instead, after wrapping each individual kitchen plate with packing paper, arrange them on their ends (vertically) inside the pre-padded double-walled cardboard box.

As a rule of thumb, you should always arrange heavier items on the bottom of a box and then add lighter belongings on top to add stability and to hopefully save storage space as well.

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Don’t move your travel suitcases empty

Don’t just move your travel suitcases empty. Instead, pack them well, preferably with heavyweight items that tend to take up plenty of space too. In most cases, travel suitcases will be ideal for transporting heavy books because most of those suitcases come equipped with small wheels on the bottom and that makes them easy to roll out of the home. And we all know how heavy books can be.

Sort out your books by size so that they fill up the moving container fully, without leaving too much empty space. If there’s still enough room left around or above your arranged books, then fill those spaces with suitable pieces of clothing to maximize the storage space.

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Use clothes, towels, blankets, and socks as packing materials

One good way to pack clothes to save space is to use some smaller clothing items, towels, blankets, and linens as packing materials and fillers for cardboard boxes. The thing is that you’re moving those pieces of soft goods anyway, so why not use them efficiently to save storage space when packing for moving?

Wrap fragile items in thick towels or regular household blankets to provide that extra padding that will keep your breakables safe during transport. Use various pieces of clothing to fill any gaps in cardboard boxes, thus keeping the packed things from shifting during the move. Wrap clean thick socks around glasses for extra protection, or just pack multiple pairs of socks inside your shoes to save more space in the boxes.

Those packing techniques will enable you to use fewer boxes and save money on packing materials too.

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Use the nesting packing technique

Another excellent way to save space when packing is to use the nesting method that will allow you to stack items into one another. For example, kitchen bowls can fit other smaller bowls or other kitchen items inside. Hats can be easily nested into one another, and believe it or not, shoes can often fit other smaller shoes inside them, especially when you’re moving with kids and packing their own shoes for the move.

In reality, that special packing technique can be used for any items with enough hollow space inside that can be used to hold something else as well – either items of the same type or different ones altogether. When using the nesting packing principle, always place protective layers of paper or bubble wrap between the separate items to prevent direct contact.

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Roll up some of your clothes

How to pack clothes to save space? One effective solution is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Interestingly enough, clothes can take up to 50% less space when rolled and can be transported wrinkle-free, at least in most cases.

Of course, not all clothes are suitable for rolling – you should move your expensive designer clothes in wardrobe boxes as those specialty boxes will protect them in the best possible way. However, consider rolling up most of your everyday clothes to save more space in boxes.

Whenever possible, do nest smaller rolls of clothes into larger ones, thus effectively combining two distinctive methods for saving space when packing for a move. When you’re done, use hair ties or rubber bands to hold together the newly-formed neat rolls of clothes.

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Take advantage of vacuum seal bags

When it comes to saving space when packing for a move, vacuum seal bags can be a great solution for you. Those specialty bags are especially useful when you pack soft voluminous items such as duvets, quilts, pillows, blankets, winter coats and jackets, and so on.

Once the air is sucked out of those vacuum bags, they will shrink down and reduce greatly the amount of space that those soft bulky items take. Yes, vacuum seal bags are great space-savers and will definitely help you use fewer large packing boxes to pack up all the soft goods that are lightweight but take too much space.

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