Packing Tips from U-Pack

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Packing Tips from U-Pack

Packing Tips from U-Pack
Rossi Morreale visits a local family moving their household items with U-Pack.

Watch as Rossi learns from Brittney how to safely pack up your belongings for a long distance move, then visit and for more helpful packing tips and advice!

Pack your electronic equipment in the box it came in. Try to avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box so it’s easier to carry. Label boxes according to rooms for easier unpacking at your new home. When it comes to dinnerware, pack plates and glass objects vertically. Use plenty of bubble wrap to protect fragile objects. Place heavier items in the bottom of the box. Pack books upright in smaller boxes–they get heavy real quick! Put shoes, purses, and belts into the bottom of wardrobe boxes to save space. Move clothing on hangers directly from the closet into the wardrobe boxes. Put clothing from drawers into suitcases or boxes and use tape or straps to secure the drawers closed. Pack medicines in a leak-proof container, but remember not to load prescription medicines; you might need them during the trip to your new home! The same goes for valuables, jewelry, and important documents–pack them separately and take them with you for safe-keeping.

If you can take your furniture apart, do it. Put all nuts, bolts, and screws in a small bag and tape the bag to the back of the furniture (just be careful taping certain finishes to avoid damage). Wrap exposed legs in bubble wrap, paper padding, or moving blankets.

Put an X of tape across mirrors and paintings framed with glass for added protection, then wrap each item in bubble wrap and cardboard frame/mirror boxes.

Here’s one you’re likely to overlook—the washing machine. Use a Styrofoam stabilizer from an appliance store to protect the inner drum during transit. You can also fill washers with towels or linens. Drain water connections to the washer and refrigerator. Tape down any parts that could come loose, such as the burners on your stove. Wrap and tie everything securely.

Place mattresses and box springs into vinyl storage bags to protect their upholstery.

Last thing–pack an ‘essentials’ box with things like paper towels, trash bags, scissors, light bulbs, and paper utensils; basically anything you may need for the first night in your new home. This way it will be easily accessible in one spot during the unpacking phase.